Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fifteen Thousand Words

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so here we go. See captions below ! We’re back at Balenbouche now, and looking forward to two more days in the south to finish up service projects, continue to explore and learn, and find a way to say goodbye to all these wonderful people and places. We fly out at 7:55am on Friday, and if God spare (as they say here in St. Lucia) we shall be arriving back in Ft. Myers in the early evening.

1) Cassava bread cooking at Plas Kassav in Canaries
2) The pottery class at Castries Comprehensive Secondary School
3) Eddie with a really big frog at Catty Osman’s house in Morne Sion
4) Win supervising the environmental studies service project
5) Lindsey standing on her head at Fort Rodney
6) Heather on Reduit Beach at dusk
7) Lara and Andrea in jail at Fort Rodney
8) Heading into the rainforest in the Edmunds Forest Reserve
9) Ellen and Alexa with baby sheep at Auntie Mary’s
10) Trip mascot Ralphie enjoying a sunset cocktail at the Dasheene Restaurant
11) Mandy and Andrea with the Pitons on the way to Anse Chastenet
12) Completing the construction of Alicia’s kiln
13) Jan at the Rastafarian vegetarian restaurant in Soufriere
14) Andy riding the bull at Tequila Joe’s in Rodney Bay
15) Alexa carrying a coalpot the way the ladies do